​Animal Action Network

A non-profit Colorado Group Working for Compassion


Demonstration Guidelines

Welcome!  Thank you for helping animals!  Our personal behavior can have an effect on our fellow activists and distract from the reason we are here, which is to educate the public about the suffering of animals.  One person’s actions can cause an unpleasant situation for the entire group.  Please be kind and respectful to everyone.  People are watching so let’s be who we are, compassionate voices for animals.  These guidelines will help us all to be in solidarity.

Interaction with the Public
It’s Animal ACTion Network’s policy that demonstrations and public events will be conducted in a civil, peaceful, orderly, and lawful manner. We are firstly here to speak on behalf of the animals, and secondly for ourselves.

How to avoid confrontation:
● Please familiarize yourself with the literature we distribute to the public, before you begin the demo.
● When asked questions, kindly respond with brief answers.
● No one is expected to know all the answers. A great way to respond to a question is to offer our literature.
● Let people know our contact details are on the back of the literature, if they need more information.
● We do not yell at or act aggressively towards passersby, even if provoked.  Wave, smile, or simply ignore them.
● It is acceptable to raise our voice in a respectful tone, in order to respond to a question.
● If you need help with a question, ask a fellow activist.
● Please do not interrupt a fellow activist. Let the organizer know if they are not following the guidelines.
● Try not to give too much of your attention to any one person. You might miss others who have legitimate questions.
● DO NOT verbally threaten or physically touch anyone for any reason.
● If you feel threatened, please walk away.
● We are not here to have conflict with anyone.
● Listen to the police, even if you believe you are correct.  Let the organizer know of your issue(s) after the demo.
● Most importantly, Stay Calm

Return all Event Materials
Animal ACTion Network reuses/recycles materials whenever possible. (you may keep this flyer).  Thank you so much for your assistance with this important action for animals. Here’s to a peaceful and productive event!

Demonstration Leader’s Responsibilities:
Each demonstration (protest) event shall have a designated leader.  The role and responsibilities of this person includes, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities:
● Speaking to the media, or finding a knowledgeable, presentable spokesperson.
● Ensure that legal guidelines for the demonstration are being observed.
● Follow Animal ACTion Network guidelines.
● Monitoring the behavior of demonstrators.
● If an activist doesn’t follow the guidelines, please politely ask them to leave.

THANK YOU for being an organizer and or representative of Animal ACTion Network!

Animal ACTion Network ● PO Box 1016 ● Indian Hills ● CO ● 80454 ● AnimalACTionNetwork.org ● Phone: 303-887-4069