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Humans are the only animals who drink the milk of other species. Human bodies have no need for cow’s milk. Conventional cow’s milk is full of hormones, steroids and other toxins that weaken human immunity systems and may even contribute to cancer. Cow’s milk contains pus (somatic cells). An average liter of milk in the Untied States contains pus cells. Even organic milk contains dioxins, cholesterol, fat, blood and pus. Too much protein, especially animal protein from meat and dairy, can cause the excretion of calcium through urination and increase the risk of osteoporosis. Too much protein also strains the kidneys, possibly leading to kidney disease. Most Americans get twice as much protein as they need. Adequate amounts of calcium are easily obtained through plant foods such as broccoli, beans, grains, kale and spinach, and such calcium is more easily absorbed by the body than calcium from cow’s milk.

Calcium Absorption and Protein