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VegGuide.org is a world wide, community-maintained guide to veg-friendly restaurants and shopping.VegGuide.org is a project of Compassionate Action for Animals, a Twin Cities, Minnesota animal rights organization. 

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Delectable Planet is a place where you can get delicious vegan recipes that taste good and are good for everyone. Why? Because we believe that by eating more plant-based foods we use far less resources, lower our carbon foot print and support food for more people. Delectable Planet has been designed to provide you with a simple approach to making your own meals that consist of all plant-based ingredients. Whether you would like to do your part to help the planet, make a life style change or just learn more about animal-free food options, we hope you find our recipes and “how-to” instructions helpful. Using a short instructional video with every recipe, makes learning how to cook a plant-based diet easy and entertaining. Plus the nutritional tidbits that are provided with many videos will help you learn more about how to reach your healthy lifestyle goals.

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Our purpose is to make healthy food easy to find and more accessible. Founded in 1999, HappyCow was created as a public service to assist travelers and people everywhere find vegan, vegetarian, and healthy food. Today, our online community has grown to include members from around the world who are passionate about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle as a healthy, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable way of living. More than simply a restaurant and health food store guide.